How YouTube can make you a better guitarist

If there is one thing that you can do to greatly improve your playing ability then it is recording yourself. This is because usually we how youtube can make you a better guitaristhave an inflated opinion of how good we are. I remember thinking I was a kick ass guitarist until the first time I made a video of myself playing.


It was horrible. My string bends were all out of time and my rhythm was all over the place. Thanks a lot YouTube!

Looking back I don’t think I was THAT bad, just because I wasn’t accurately measuring my ability I had grown sloppy. You see the benefit of recording yourself is that you get an objective view of how good you are. When we are using our own ears to judge whilst we are playing it doesn’t give a true indication of how we sound.

A way to think of it is that it’s similar to how we look different in the mirror compared to how we think we look in photos. It’s still me but a different version of me.

This is what you should do. Using your webcam or any video recording device, just play along to a song of your choice and record it. Play it back and listen to how you sound. Locate the mistakes and then record yourself again.

Keep doing this until you have all the sloppy parts ironed out. As long as you can play the piece comfortably it shouldn’t take more than 5-10 attempts to iron out the mistakes.

If you record yourself a couple of times a week you will see a massive difference in how you sound. It will tighten up your rhythm and your accuracy and in just a few weeks you will be a completely different guitarist.

An added benefit is by uploading to YouTube, you can get impartial feedback from the whole world.

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