About My Lessons

So you would like some guitar lessons? Great, here is the part where I explain how I can help YOU!

Bournemouth guitar lessons

Unlike a lot of guitar teachers, who try and teach generic guitar lessons that can reduce you to tears of boredom, my aim is to teach the person behind the guitar! In my lessons, I will only teach the things that you want to learn. Whether it is the opening riff to Smells like teen spirit or the classic strum along that is Wonderwall to even more advanced stuff like how to nail two handed tapping or figuring out that weird Phrygian dominant scale!

It doesn’t matter what you want to be taught or how you wish to go about it. We can figure out a lesson plan to meet your needs as a guitarist and as an individual. Beginners, intermediates and even advanced students are all welcome

A typical lesson might be like this; We discuss prior, the things you would like to cover during the lesson so that when we start, we can get straight into it. Let’s say for example you are having trouble playing some barre chords. I will watch you play, so that I can identify where  I think you can improve, and set you up with a progressive plan of action to enable you to play these with ease. Another part of the lesson might be that you wish to learn a particular song. So with this I will break down the song into sections and teach you step by step. Once you are up to speed, we will then jam the song together!

In short your guitar lessons with me will be;

  • Fun
  • Informative
  • As challenging as you like
  • Rewarding
  • Fun (I think I’ve said this already)

I like to think of myself as a very relaxed teacher, and I wish my guitar lessons to be fun and that you leave at the end of the session having enjoyed yourself and learnt something new too.

Note: If you don’t own a guitar, I can provide a spare electric guitar for the duration of the lesson, but this is only with ‘in call’ lessons. I highly recommend you have your own guitar because if you are a beginner, you will progress a lot faster.

So now if you have any questions or would like to set up the initial first step call me on 07828 069470, use the contact form, or alternatively go straight to the fees and booking page to pay for your first guitar lesson.